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SC(B)10 Series H-Level Insulation Dry-Type Power Transformer

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: SCB10
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 200-200000/piece
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Payment Terms: LC T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 pieces/year
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Detail Information

Material: Aluminum Or Copper Usage: Single-phase Transformer, Rectifier Transformer, Combined Transformer, Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer
Capacity: HS Code: 85043190
Product Name: Dry Type Transformer Certificate: CE,ISO,CQC,SABS,3C
High Light:

cast resin dry type transformer


dry cast resin transformers

Product Description

Dry type transformer

SC(B)10 Series H-Level Insulation Dry-Type Power Transformer 0


SG10 transformer has no flammable resin, and it does not support combustion during usage.
It can be flame retardant and will not explode and release toxic gases, not cause harm to the environment, the other equipment and human body.
It is not sensitive to humidity, dust and pollution. It will not cause partial discharge and never have the possibility of "cracking".

High reliability
The high and low voltage coils are all made of NOMEX insulation material, and are impregnated with H-class solventless impregnating varnish multiple times by VPI vacuum pressing equipment, and baked at high temperature for many times.

The product is Class H (180 ° C), and the main insulation material is Class C (220 ° C), and it has strong overload capacity, and good short-circuit resistance. Allow 20% overload for operation in well ventilated conditions.

Energy saving and environmental protection. After the product life, steel, iron and other materials are easy to recycle;All used NOMEX papers will not release toxic substances when burned; Other insulation materials can degrade and won't pollute the environment;
Low loss and energy saving of products;Low noise and flexible design.

This series of non-encapsulated coil H-class insulated three-phase dry-type power transformers, in addition to the advantages of the SC series, the well-designed coil structure and vacuum impregnation process make the SG(B)10 transformer have no partial discharge, and throughout the life cycle there is no cracking phenomenon, and there is no drop in insulation level. It features with low loss, low noise, strong thermal shock esistance, large overload capacity, high fire resistance, flame retardant, non-toxic, self-extinguishing, fireproof. Under high temperature open flame combustion, SG(B)10 transformer has almost no smoke generated; It will not produce harmful gases, and does not pollute the environment, and is not sensitive to humidity and dust. It can be installed in the dirty and humid environment near the lake and the river, and in areas with high fire protection requirements and high load. It is suitable for high-rise buildings, airports, stations, terminals, subways, hospitals, power stations, metallurgical industries, shopping centers, and residential areas and in petrochemicals, nuclear power plants, nuclear submarines, etc.



Technical data

















HighvoltageTappingrang eLowvoltage
SC12-30 30










0.4 150 710 2.3 4.0
SC12-50 50 215 1000 2.2
SC12-80 80 295 1380 1.7
SC12-100 100 320 1570 1.7
SC12-125 125 375 1850 1.5
SC(B)12-160 160 430 2130 1.5
SC(B)12-200 200 495 2530 1.3
SC(B)12-250 250 575 2760 1.3
SC(B)12-315 315 705 3470 1.1
SC(B)12--400 400 785 3990 1.1
SC(B)12-500 500 930 4880 1.1
SC(B)12-630 630 1070 5880 0.9
SC(B)12-630 630 1040 5960 0.9  
SC(B)12-800 800 1215 6960 0.9
SC(B)12-1000 1000 1415 8130 0.9
SC(B)12-1250 1250 1670 9690 0.9
SC(B)12-1600 1600 1960 11730 0.9
SC(B)12-2000 2000 2440 14450 0.7
SC(B)12-2500 2500 2880 17170 0.7



Product details



Low loss:the product no-load loss is 20% lower than the Sc (B) 11 type product with an

excellent energysaving effect, economic efficient operation and without maintenance.

Low noise:the product noise level is 10-15 db lower than the existing professional standard

JB/T10088- 2004Sound Level of 6- -220KV Transformer

Low partial discharge:resin mixture adopts foreign leading-edge mixing method and film type

vacuumdeaerator to evenly mix the mixture and remove the bubble in the bottom part of mixture.

The product hasa low partial discharge which can be controlled at 5PC. Both high voltage and low

voltage coils can bepoured in vacuum pressure so as to enable a encapsulating of resin insulation

and immersion amonglayers and inter-tums. The poured part has a compact solidity staicture with

anti-flaming, anti explosionand environmental protection features.
Glass fiber and other raw materials of winding coil have self- extinguishing property and will not

producearc due to short circuit. Resin will not produce harmful gas under high temperature.


SC(B)10 Series H-Level Insulation Dry-Type Power Transformer 1

Points to note


1.The working condition

* Device types: indoor type

* Normal environment conditions of use: the elevation not more than 1000 m

* Environmental highest temperature + 40℃, minimum-25 ℃

* The special environment conditions of use: elevation of more than 1000 m

* Environmental highest temperature + 40 ℃, minimum-45 ℃. (when you order details)

* Mounting ambicnt: no corrosive gas, no obvious dirt environment


2.applicable  standard

* IEC60076 power transformer

* IEC723 dry power transformer

* GB6450-1986 dry power transformer

* GB/R1094-1996 power transformer

* GB4208-1993 outer shell protect grade(IP code)


SC(B)10 Series H-Level Insulation Dry-Type Power Transformer 2


Qualification Centre


All products of the company have passed the national type test like CCC, CQC , CTQC and other

national mandatory product certification, and has a perfect quality, occupational health and

environmental management system certification system. Our products have passed ISO9001, 2000

and other international quality system certification.



SC(B)10 Series H-Level Insulation Dry-Type Power Transformer 3



SCOPE of application


None of the dry-type transformers we see today are installed in a separate, tightly enclosed room, as in

the oil-immersed type, but only in a relatively dry and clean room. In addition to this, it is also very convenient

to transport or carry, no matter what kind of transport vehicles, trains, cars or other non-motor vehicles can be,

but it is best to keep the car dry, clean and the product itself in good packaging. Practice has proved that really

good products will always be more and more marketable. As dry-type transformers have very good fire-proof

performance and are easy to install and maintain, they are also used more and more widely Especially in the

modern commercial downtown, residential areas, hospitals, airports, stations, subways, theaters, schools,

public places and other places with high requirements on fire protection.



SC(B)10 Series H-Level Insulation Dry-Type Power Transformer 4


SC(B)10 Series H-Level Insulation Dry-Type Power Transformer 5 

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