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Oil Immersed power Transformer S11-M, 2 windings Electrical Power Transformer

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: s11
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 500-30000
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Payment Terms: LC T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 pieces/year
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Detail Information

Material: Copper Output Voltage: 6.3kv
Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated Capacity: 1000 Kva
Coil Number: 2 Windings Input Voltage:: 110v/200v/220v/240v/360v/480v
Model Number:: Customized
High Light:

three phase oil immersed transformer


oil immersed distribution transformer

Product Description


S11 series oil-immersed power transformer


Product description


1.Hengfengyou manufacturs Model S11 fully sealed oil- immersed power transformer with No-load, low load loss, lightning shock resistance.Strong short-circuit resistance andremarkable energy-saving effect.

At present, itis the ldeal choice for the transformation of the national two networks.

2.The S11-M series fully sealed oil-immersed power transformer developed and

manufactured by our company has the advantages of low loss, low noiseand high

efficiency. It can achieve good energy- saving effect and reduce pollution. Compared

with conventional oil-immersed transformer, fully sealed transformer cancels oil storage tank. The volume change of oil is automatically compensated by the elasticity of corrugated plate of corrugated tank.

The transformer is isolated from air, preventing and slowing down the deteriorationof oil and aging of insulation, enhancing the reliability of operation, and ex-empting maintenance in normal operation.





Oil Immersed power Transformer S11-M, 2 windings Electrical Power Transformer 0


Product feature


1, Transformer core is made of stacked imported high- quality old-olled sllonc steel sheets.

This has reduced the no-load loss and current greatly and conduct bind for iron core, is

ableto ensure the compactness of iron core and reduce noises.

2, High and low voltage winding is made of oxygen-free copper. Low-voltage winding 500kVA
and below adopts double - cylinder structure; 630kVA and above adopt double -helix orfour-

spiral structure; high-voltage winding adopts multi -layer cylindrical stmcture.

3, Transformer connection group adopts Dyn11 to reduce effect of harmonics on network

andimprove power-supply quality.

4, Transformer is full sealed structure which can prolong service life, and avoid hanging core
and maintenance.

As shown in figure



Oil Immersed power Transformer S11-M, 2 windings Electrical Power Transformer 1


Product transportation

In order to prevent the leakage or fire of transformer oil, the large transformer should empty the oil tank and be transported in oil-free state. But the transportation transformer which does not carry the oil, very easy to have the insulation to be affected by the moisture.

Therefore,traditional oil-free transportation requires filling the transformer tank with nitrogen or other inertgases to reduce the possibility of moisture in the insulation. The experience shows that as long  as the tank has good sealing, the nitrogen pressure in the tank is kept at 0.035 MPA (the dew point is less than-40 °c) , the gas is kept dry, and the transportation time is shortened as far as possible (the longest is not more than 3 ~ 4 months) There would be no dampening of the insulation.


However, nitrogen-filled transportation is not only more costly, but also, after nitrogen is removed from the site, personnel entering the tank to check if the oxygen content is less than  18% can cause personal accidents due to the lack of oxygen, and more importantly, nitrogen replacement in the field of transformer installation is tedious and inefficient.

  In order to change this situation, instead of nitrogen-filled transport, the high-pressure air source is connected to  the dry air generator, and the air is dried and purified by the dry air generator To make the dew  point of dry air below-40 °c, the gas purification precision ≤10 m, to fill the transformer without oil  transportation, to solve the problem of nitrogen replacement, this not only simplifies the process, the utility model can also greatly reduce the transportation cost of the over-weight transformer

and avoid the possibility of the occurrence of the on-site anoxic accident. 



·Service conditions

1. The maximum ambient air temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃, and the minimum shall not below - 25 ℃;

2. The altitude shall not exceed 1000m. If special customized transformers and low-voltage components are used, the altitude can reach 4000m;

3. The vertical inclination is no more than 5°, and no violent vibration and impact;

4. The air humidity is not more than 90% (+ 25 ℃);

5. No gas and conductive dust that will seriously affect the insulation of transformer, no explosion hazard and corrosion of electrical components;

6. Outdoor wind speed shall not exceed 35m / s.

7.If service conditions beyond the above, specially customized product is available.



Oil Immersed power Transformer S11-M, 2 windings Electrical Power Transformer 2



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