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China Manufacturers Customization Outdoor Prefabricated Transformer Substation United Box Type Substation

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: customization
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 2000-200000/piece
Packaging Details: Standard wooden boxes for outer packing
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 pieces/year
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Detail Information

Product Name: Box Type Fixed Metal Closed Switchgear / High Voltage Switchgear,Substation,outdoor Prefabricated Compact 11kv Substation,switchgear Outdoor Pre Installed Type Transformer Substation Type: Distribution Box Electrical Boxes,Box Type Prefabricated Substation
Rated Voltage: 10KV,40.5kV,13.2KV,10KV~40KV,6kv To 35kV Frequency: 50/60Hz
Material: Stainless Steel,Copper,aluminum-zinc Plate Usage: Power
Phase: Three Color: Customer Request

Product Description

China Manufacturers Customization Outdoor Prefabricated Transformer Substation United Box Type Substation


China Manufacturers Customization Outdoor Prefabricated Transformer Substation United Box Type Substation 0
Product description

Products meet GB17467-1998 "high and low voltage prefabricated substation" and IEC1330 standards. The voltage classes are applicable to 35KV and below, the small unattended substation, with main interior capacity of 2000KVA and below,


The prefabricated substation can complete the transformation, distribution, transmission, measurement, compensation of electrical energy, system control and protection as well as communication functions.


Box type substation is a compact complete set of distribution equipment that combines high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage switchgear according to certain wiring scheme. Main components: transformer, high-voltage switchgear and its control equipment, low-voltage switchgear and its control equipment, corresponding internal connecting wire (cable, busbar, etc.) and other auxiliary equipment.
1. Small volume,compact structure,reliable power supply and easy for installation;it can be realize single power supply,double power supply,or ring net supply,with double-fuse protection,low running cost.
2. The casing surface is treated by electrostatic painting and has good wearing resistance.It is applicable to both ring network and single/double power supply,is convenient for shifting,and can enhance the reliability of power supply.
3. The transformer adopts environment-friendly S11 series spiral core,non-excited voltage regulation,full-enclosed type,featuring energy saving and low noise.The amorphous alloy transformer is also available if required by clents.HV load switches and protective fuse are placed in oil filled iron tank,and the tank is of full-enclosed structure.
4. The LV room is provided with watt-hour meters,voltmeters,and breakers of four outgoing lines,reactive power compensation can also be provided if necessary.
5. It uses S11 series spiral core transformer,its idle loss is 30%-40% lower than S9,and noise 7~10dB lower than S9.
6. The combination transformer is characterized by reliable power supply,reasonable structure,quick installation,flexible and easy operation,small volume,low construction cost,ect.
7. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor use,and is widely used in industrial parks,residential quarters,business centers and high risers.
China Manufacturers Customization Outdoor Prefabricated Transformer Substation United Box Type Substation 1
· Use condition
1. The maximum ambient air temperature shall not exceed 45℃, and the minimum shall not exceed - 45℃;
2. The altitude shall not exceed 1000m. If special customized transformers and low-voltage components are used, the altitude can reach 4000m;
3. It shall be placed in a place with a vertical inclination of no more than 5°and no severe vibration or impact;
4. The air humidity is not more than 90% (+ 25℃);
5. Gas place without conducting dust, explosion hazard, corrosion metal and electrical components;
6. Outdoor wind speed shall not exceed 35m/s.
7. If the above normal use environment conditions are exceeded, the customer can customize it with our company.
Note: Due to continuous product improvement, the dimensions provided in this sample are for reference only. If necessary, our company can design and produce according to user requirements. Please contact the company in time.

Configuration Power capacity W H D W1 D1 D2 H1 Weight(kg)
Standard π configuration ≤125kVA 2000 1580 1116 1180 508 575 1240 2000
160~500kVA 2000 1580 1350 1330 508 655 1340 2950
630kVA 2000 1710 1560 1420 632 775 1480 3400
800kVA 2000 1710 1690 1420 632 775 1480 3600
1000kVA 2000 1710 1820 1420 632 815 1480 4000
1250kVA 2000 1710 1840 1560 632 795 1480 4800
1600kVA 2205 1710 1920 1680 632 920 1520 5700
Extra π configuration ≤125kVA 1900 1900 1240 1180 632 575 1240 2200
160~500kVA 1900 1900 1474 1330 632 655 1340 3150
630kVA 1900 1900 1560 1420 632 775 1480 3600
800kVA 1900 1900 1690 1420 632 775 1480 3800
1000kVA 1900 1900 1780 1420 632 815 1480 4200

· Ordering instruction
1. Conceptual drawing or electrical schematic diagram of main circuit.
2. Model, specification and quantity of main components.
3. Incoming and outgoing line mode and cable specification, etc.
4. Shell material and appearance: composite plate, steel plate, stainless steel plate, cement plate, etc.
5. Other order requirements.

China Manufacturers Customization Outdoor Prefabricated Transformer Substation United Box Type Substation 2

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