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prefabricated box-type power distribution Substation Box,European style hot model

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: YB
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 2000-200000/piece
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: LC T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 pieces/year
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Detail Information

Product Name: European Type Box Transformer Substation Type: Outdoor
Application: Power Distribution,transmission,control,protect X Protection: IP23,IP30
Rated Voltage Of Box-type Substation: 6kv Or 10kv Rated Current Of Box-type Substation: 125630 10-115A
Model Number: YBP

Product Description

Prefabricated Electrical Substation Box 4000A Rated Current For Power   Distribution
                                     prefabricated box-type power distribution Substation Box,European style hot model 0

Box type substation is a compact complete set of distribution equipment that combines high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer and low-voltage switchgear according to certain wiring scheme. Main components: transformer, high-voltage switchgear and its control equipment, low-voltage switchgear and its control equipment, corresponding internal connecting wire (cable, busbar, etc.) and other auxiliary equipment.

This product is a series of products designed and produced by our company to meet the needs of urban and rural power grid construction on the basis of introducing domestic and foreign advanced electrical manufacturing technology. It has the characteristics of small size, compact structure, intelligent operation, safety and reliability, short period of field installation and commissioning, and can replace the traditional substation. And it can meet the requirements of users' electric energy measurement, reactive power compensation, high and low voltage schemes, and it represents the development direction of small and medium-sized substations. This product is suitable for 10kV / 50Hz / 30 ~ 1600kVA power users in industrial and mining enterprises, docks, airports, public places, high-rise buildings and residential areas.


Product Features
Less Space Occupation
Only 1/5~1/4 of space occupation compared to the traditional substation with the same capacity.
Lower Cost
Less cost in construction and both of high voltage and low voltage cabinets, only 1/3~1/2 of the cost of the substation with the same capacity.
Higher quality of power supply
S11/S13 fully sealed oil-immersed power transformer or S C B9 dry type power transformer could be used in this type of substation, thus the no load loss and the noise are lower. Because the substation volume is smaller, it can be mounted near the load center, thus the line loss is decreased, the power supply quality is guaranteed.
Less maintenance
As high as IP43 of the protection level, assuring the functions of anti-dust, anti-rain, small animal resistance and anti-misoperation, leading to higher level of power supply security and reliability; compact internal components, automatic monitoring function is complete, maintenance workload is relatively reduced.
Easy to install and reliable running
Under the condition of prefabrication, after the overall hoisting and fastening the anchors, it can be wired, commissioned, and starting running.

Reduced electrical losses as USS can be installed near load centres.
Total economy in cost.
Higher degree of safety and operational reliability is achieved by HT and LT switchgears and protective relays to avoid overloading.
Reduction in logistic cost as USS is delivered as a single unit.
Low civil / foundation cost.


Number Item Unit FN12-12Load switch FZN21-12Vacuum load switch
1 Rated voltage KV 10
2 Maximum working voltage KV 12
3 Rated frequency HZ 50
4 Rated current A 630
5 Rated breaking current A 630
6 Rated thermal current (Virtual value) KA/S 20/2 20/4
7 Rated dynamic current KA 50 50
8 Short-circuit current (Peak value) KA 50 50
9 Full-load breaking times times 20 10000
10 Mechanical life times 2000 10000
11 1-min power frequency withstand voltage(phase to earthing) KV 42 42
12 Lightning impulse withstand voltage(phase to earthing) KV 75 75



prefabricated box-type power distribution Substation Box,European style hot model 1

Structure characteristic


1. The box shell is designed according to the actual situation with reference to foreign advanced technology, and it has the characteristics of firmness, heat insulation and ventilation, stable performance, corrosion prevention, dust prevention, waterproof, small animal prevention, beautiful appearance, etc. There are many choices of shell materials, such as steel plate, composite plate, stainless steel plate, cement plate, etc.


2. There are high-voltage switchgear such as xgn15, hxgn17 or kyn28a and other equipment in the high-voltage room for high-voltage incoming line, high-voltage metering and high-voltage outgoing line. The high-voltage side can be arranged with ring network power supply, terminal power supply, dual power supply and other power supply modes, and high-voltage metering elements can also be installed to meet the requirements of high-voltage metering. The main switch is generally load switch or vacuum circuit breaker, with compact and reasonable structure and perfect anti misoperation function.


3. There are low-voltage switchgear such as GGD, GCS or MNS and other equipment in the low-voltage room for low-voltage incoming line, reactive compensation and low-voltage outgoing line. The low-voltage side adopts the panel type or cabinet mounted structure to form the power supply scheme required by the user, which can meet the power distribution, lighting distribution, reactive compensation, electric energy metering and other functions. The main switch generally adopts the universal circuit breaker or the intelligent circuit breaker, which is flexible in installation and simple in operation.


4. The transformer in the transformer room can use the fully sealed oil immersed transformer or dry-type transformer. The oil immersed transformer can be S9, S11, S13 or SH15, and the dry-type transformer can be scb10, scb11, SGB10 or scbh15. According to the actual needs of customers, it can be configured freely, which has the advantages of more selectivity and flexibility.


5. The cover of the box is designed with double-layer structure, and the interlayer is filled with foam plastics, which has good heat insulation function. The transformer room is equipped with anti condensation and automatic temperature control monitoring, heating and cooling devices. A dust-proof device is arranged on the position of the door sheet and the louver outside the side plate.

USS (Unitized Sub Stations) / Package Sub Station are ideally suited for new residential and commercial complexes as it can be placed on Ground, partially or totally below / above ground level. Mainly used by Power Utilities, Multiplexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Software Parks, Residential Complex, Airport etc.

prefabricated box-type power distribution Substation Box,European style hot model 2
Service Centre
The shell of the box is made of aluminum-coated zinc steel plate and container manufacturing  technology, and the design is beautiful. On the premise of ensuring the reliability of power supply, the shell color of the box-type substation is selected, so that it is easy to be in harmony with the surrounding environment Especially suitable for urban construction.
Such as: Urban residential  areas, stations, ports, airports, parks, green belt and other densely populated areas, it can be  used as a fixed substation, can also be used as a mobile substation, with decorative and  beautifying the environment.
prefabricated box-type power distribution Substation Box,European style hot model 3

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