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2020year China most popular GCS low voltage withdrawable voltage switchgear

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: MNS
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 200-20000/piece
Packaging Details: wooden case package
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: LC T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 piece/year
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Detail Information

Name: Electrical Switchgear Feature: Superior Performance, Product Safety, Reliability, Environmental Protection
Brand: Power Distribution Transformer Standard: CE,ISO,UL,SABS,3C, IEC60076-11 ISO9001 ISO14001 KEMA CE
Model Number:: Electrical Switchgear

Product Description

KYN28 12kV Medium Voltage Switchgear With Circuit Breaker



Complete Set Low voltage switchgear
The device is suitable for power conversion, distribution and control of power, power distribution and motor control centers, capacitor compensation, etc. of power plants, substations, petrochemical departments, factories and mines, high-rise buildings and other low-voltage power distribution systems.
Switch Cabinet Outgoing Complete LV Switchgear Electrical


KYN28 indoor metal-clad withdrawable switchgear(hereinafter short as switchgear)is a complete power distribution device for 3.6~24kV,3-phase AC 50Hz,single-bus and single-bus sectionalized system. It is mainly used for power transmission of middle/small generators in power plants; power receiving, transmission for substations in power distribution and power system of factories, mines and enterprises, and starting of large high-voltage motor, etc.,so as to control, protect and monitor the system. The switchgear meets IEC298,GB3906-91.In addition to be used with domestic VS1 vacuum circuit breaker, it can also be used with 3AH5 from Siemens domestic ZN65A,and VB2 from GE, etc.,it is truly a power distribution device with good performance. In order to meet the requirement for wall mounting and front-end maintenance, the switchgear is equipped with a special current transformer, so that the operator can maintain and inspect it in front of the cubicle.
KYN61-40.5( same as unigear Z3.2) air-insulated metal-clad withdrawable switchgear( hereinafter as "switchgear") is a kind of MV switchgear. It is designed as withdrawable module type panel, and the withdrawable part is fitted with VD4-36E, VD4-40.5 withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker manufactured by Cooper Nature company. It can also be fitted with isolation truck, PT truck, fuses truck and so on. It is applicable to three phase AC 50/60 Hz power system, and mainly used for the transmission and distribution of electrical power and control, protection, monitoring of the circuit.

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Product Characteristics:

1. Metal-enclosed and separately arranged, with high protection Category

2. Enclosure with Front -Cabinet protection and back-cabinet protection, the Board can be arranged and fixed along with the wall to save the spaces

3. Protection Category of enclosure reaches to IP4X,

4. Elec.Line Cabinet with full spaces for mount and arrange in-coming and out-going lines for the convenience of Fixing, protecting and maintaining


1 three-phase AC 50HZ HV XGN2 switchgear for power project is made of coated aluminum zinc plate after multiple bending assemblies.
2 All operations were carried out in the cupboard door closed.
3 High protection level can prevent the clutter and pest invasion.
4 Simple and effective "five prevention", locking to prevent wrong operation.
5 High Voltage Power Distribution Switchgear can be equipped with VS1 (ZN63A) or used VD4 type vacuum circuit breaker according to user requirements.
6 replacement of the circuit breaker is simple,handcart interchangeability is good.
7 Switchgear can be installed against the wall, serviced in front, reduce area.
8 cable room space is abundant,can connect a plurality of cables.
9 Rapid grounding switch is used for ground and loop short circuit.
10 Circuit breaker rooms, relay room, cable room can be separately installed heater according to user requirements,can prevent the occurrence of condensation and corrosion
11 Circuit breaker room, cable room can be installed the lighting device according to user requirements, in order to facilitate maintenance and maintenanc


2020year China most popular  GCS low voltage withdrawable voltage switchgear 1


The high voltage withdrawable enclosed switchgear is mainly used in power plants, small- and mediumsized power generators, industrial and mining enterprises, and secondary substations of power system for power receiving, power transmission, and startup of large-sized high-voltage motor in order to implement control, protection, and monitor.

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