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Rectifier Transformer latest model

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: S11
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 200-200000/piece
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Payment Terms: LC T/T
Supply Ability: 5000 pieces/year
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Detail Information

Usage: Power Product Name: Three Phase Oil Transformer
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Output Voltage: Customize
Color: Optional Application: Change Voltage
Place Of Origin: Qingdao,China
High Light:

oil immersed distribution transformer


oil immersed power transformer

Product Description

Rectifier transformer


                                       Rectifier Transformer  latest  model 0



Product Features:

The transformer used as the power supply of rectifier is called rectifier transformer. Our company uses the world's advanced transformer design technology and manufacturing process, and adopts the programmed design to analyze and quantitatively calculate the dielectric breakdown mechanism, electric field numerical analysis and insulation technology, wave process impact characteristics of winding, and anti sudden short circuit strength. Integrating our company's experience of rectifier transformer manufacturing for many years, we made a great breakthrough on the basis of traditional technology, thus further improving the reliability and advanced nature of products.



Structure features


(1) Iron core: 30Q130 high magnetic conducting silicon steel sheet is adopted, and 3-6-step multi-stage lamination mode is adopted at the same time, which can reduce no-load loss, no-load current and noise.


(2) Winding: the high conductivity oxygen free copper conductor is used for the electromagnetic wire, and the whole package new technology of cylinder, double pie and new spiral structure is used for the winding, which makes the product structure more compact, the main insulation can be guaranteed effectively, the first and last layers are strengthened, and the insulation performance is improved. The winding outer surface is wrapped with high-strength compact tape, which improves the mechanical strength of the winding and greatly improves the impact resistance and short-circuit resistance of the product.


(3) Body: the insulation cushion block of the body is supported by high-strength laminated wood and laminated cardboard, so that the support area of the end of the winding reaches more than 95%, further improving the anti-short circuit ability of the product, and improving the operation reliability of the product. The connection between the body and the box cover adopts a mechanical buffer structure, which overcomes the phenomenon of "hanging" and "top cover" of the body. The insulating materials shall be wrapped with high-strength and high-density cable paper, and the allowable pressure shall be 45Mpa.


(4) Oil tank: the oil tank adopts heat dissipation oil pipe (double row and three row oil pipes adopt the way of inserting piece), or adopts step type radiator, which increases the heat dissipation capacity under the same tank wall area; it can also be calculated to install plate type radiator or corrugated oil tank according to the user's requirements, and strong oil air cooling or strong oil water cooling radiator. Surface treatment of oil tank: the transformer shell is painted with "three anti paint" (anti salt fog, anti damp heat and anti mildew), which has strong adhesion with primer, good decoration, film oil resistance, corrosion resistance, light retention and color retention, and good leveling and covering power.



Technical data

Rated capacity(kVA) Model Voltage on line side(V) Voltage on valve side(V) Vector Group

Pulse Number

(unit set)

Primary side Secondary side
6000 ZHSZ-6000/35 35000 / 240- 130 △/Y-△ 12
8000 ZHSZ-8000/35 36000 / 380-170 △/Y-△ 12
10500 ZHSZ-10500/35 33000 / 440- 150 △/Y-△ 12
12500 ZHSSPT-12500/35 35000 33410-1590 366-17

YNao or


18000 ZHSSPT-18000/35 36500 37220-25390 417- 282 12
21000 ZHSSPT-21000/35 35000 36210-24400 440- 300 12
24000 ZHSSPT-24000/35 33000 36890-34740 770- 520 12
38800 ZHSSPT-38800/35 36400 36220-5880 480-80 12
24000 ZHSSPT-24000/110 110000 116400-98560 1480-300 12
38000 ZHSSPT-38000/110 115000 120800-95680 72- 460 12
120000 ZHSSPT-120000/220 as per customer's request


1. The above secondary voltage and voltage on valve side are reference values, which can be designed according to the user's requirements:

2. The pulse number is a single set, and different pulse design can be carried out according to the user's requirements (such as 12.24.36, 48.72):

3. We can manufacture various specifications of rectifier transformer according to the user's requirements.



·Service conditions

1.Altitude: ≤ 1000m.

2.Cooling medium temperature:

a. When the air is cooled, the maximum natural variation of the ambient temperature shall not exceed 40 °C,

The minimum temperature shall not be lower than - 30 °C,

The daily average maximum temperature shall not exceed 30 °C,

The annual average temperature shall not exceed 20 °C;

b. When cooling water, the natural change of cooling water temperature shall not exceed 30 °C,

The daily average maximum water temperature shall not exceed 25 °C.

3. Air maximum relative temperature: when the air temperature is 25 °C, the humidity is ≤ 90%.

4. The installation site shall be free from gas, steam, chemical deposit, dust, dirt and other explosive and corrosive media that seriously affect the transformer.

5. The installation site shall be free from serious vibration and turbulence, and the vertical slope shall be less than 5°




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